From locally in Haverhill:-

Debs has been an invaluable member of the Open Mind team in Haverhill for 2 years and in that time she has proven to be hugely insightful, kind and wise. Many clients have benefitted from her gentle and caring manner and we are delighted to recommend her as a counsellor. We would definitely not want to lose her!‘ (February 2024)

Charmaine Slade, Team Leader of Open Mind – meaningful support


I started seeing Debs shortly after my husband died at the age of 44.   I had previously seen various counsellors over about 15 years and had found most of them to not be very helpful.  I was apprehensive about seeing yet another counsellor and was not expecting much.  From the first visit, I was so glad I had found Debs.  I felt completely safe with her and that I could trust her completely.  Debs just held space for me to talk and talk (and swear a great deal) without judgment, without interrupting, and without giving opinions.  This was exactly what I needed.  In later sessions, when I wasn’t quite as grief-stricken as I had been initially, Debs gently guided me to start a new life and, gave me confidence to try new things.  I saw Debs regularly for a couple of years and will never forget the kindness she showed me and the knowledge she shared with me‘.  

A grateful client – Basingstoke, Hampshire

Debs you are very good at listening, you are non-judgmental, you have a calmness within and about which makes it a safe place for your clients to feel comfortable about opening up to you‘.

Lovely to hear you are thinking about starting counselling again‘.

An ex-colleague – Basingstoke, Hampshire

It is such a valuable job/vocation – not anyone can do this type of work and it makes such an impact on someone/a whole families life at such a significant time for them, of course you should definitely think about returning – as long as it is the right thing for you to do as well of course ☺️

An ex-colleague – Winchester, Hampshire

You are so full of compassion and I am sure you will be of great comfort to those going through loss. Everything you have been through has made you the person you are‘.

Anonymous – Bedfordshire

As you know I’ve referred people to you as a Trustee of The Safe and also as a Director of a private company and I would be happy to endorse you. The one thing I would say is make sure that you have someone to meet with on a regular basis. As I’m sure you know Counsellors are susceptible to ‘burn out’ so you’ll need regular support yourself‘.

Steve Rebbettes, Company Director – Basingstoke

You’re a blessing to so many. If you do start counselling again, I know someone who would definitely benefit from some counselling’.

Anonymous, Hampshire

Oh you beautiful butterfly. You’re so good at being there. I’m so glad you decided to again share that wonderful gift you have. ❤️

A business networking colleague, Basingstoke

[I] agree with all the comments above.. a very rare and valuable talent and skill linked to a very caring personality..’

Friend and mentor – Toastmasters International